it was a very merry Christmas at the Funny Farm









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new years eve

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Apologies for posting too many photos and believe it or not there are a lot more here if you care.  We had a wonderful time at my parents farm in Southern Illinois over Christmas.  My brain isn’t working well today and I can’t seem to put words together… so I will just leave you with some photos and the promise that I will try to be back soon! Happy New Year, friends!



  1. All of those photos are amazing so no such thing as too many. Looks like you had a great holiday. All of the kids are just adorable – your lil pumpkin gets prettier and prettier!

  2. Such beautiful pictures, as usual….what a lovely holiday with your Family! That doll house is SO adorable!

  3. Sloan sure is stylish! Very sweet pictures.

  4. Erika & Urban Grace ladies…I decided (on Wednesday) that I am going to go back to school to be an Interior Designer. I live in Denver, do you know of good schools in the Denver area?
    THANKS! & happy 20-12!

  5. Beautiful pics – love all the colors.

  6. Beautiful photos! A white Christmas!


  7. Looks like you and your family had a great holiday! P.S. There is no such thing as too many photos, especially of Miss Sloan! I had to laugh my Sloan (who is 13) has the same patagonia vest! Happy New Year to you!!!

  8. Every time I look at your pictures, I think, “I want a Daddy Boy.”

  9. Love all the photos! Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas!

  10. Candace Horner says

    Well I don’t know that words are all that important when you have pictures like that to share; truly brought tears to spring in my eyes. Glad your holiday was merry!!

  11. Erika,

    I absolutely love seeing new designs on your blog, but I have to say I end up loving your real life posts just as much. Your family is so beautiful and whenever you are all together I feel like people can actually see the love – it’s so special! I live in Chicago and I have to ask where in Southern Illinois your parents farm is? The land and the town look so charming.

    Also, if you have anytime (which I’m sure you don’t) check out todays post on my blog: it is a farm wedding venue that I think you will find stunning!

  12. Such great pictures! Looks like yall had a wonderful Christmas!!!

  13. Lord Have Mercy, you have one sweet little girl!

  14. great photos …..wonderful memories! your whole family is beautiful!

  15. such wonderful photos & (more importantly!) memories!! thanks for sharing!

  16. Family funny farms are the best aren’t they? We had silly surburbia at my parents. We took the kids and slept there and had the kind of Christmas morning I always had as a kid. It was wonderful. Have a great 2012 Erika!

  17. so wonderful-thanks for sharing your lovely family with us!

  18. It looks like your family had a beautiful Christmas! I so enjoy pouring over all of your gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Such beautiful glimpses of your family. There is much love in these photos. Happy new year to you!

  20. Good-ness. Know wonder you have so many blog stalkers with such a beautiful family and top notch photog skills.

    2 thumbs up for your hubby double fisting the Coors, & another 2 thumbs up if the fam jam farm has personalized coozies.

  21. Hi, I’m new here…and I think I’m seeing double?

  22. What wonderful pictures of your family. Sloan is beautiful. Love the pictures of you and Darby with your dad.

  23. Looks so fun! good times with family. i noticed your dad’s Schnee’s hat from Bozeman, sweet!

  24. Ahh… strong work, sister! If I could just catch up with you! Love all the pics, especially the snowflake on the Rover’s lashes. Hate it, poor little thing gettin’ flakes caught up in them! If he’d only share his genes with his Momma & Momma Sis’! 🙂 Lover dover you! Somehow I missed Chance’s Barbie portrait until now, stunning!

  25. that pics of your and darby with your dad is precious (as is every other pic!) Thanks for sharing!

  26. LOVELY photos! Looks like a dreamy Christmas with family.
    Your sweet girl’s hair is so pretty. Did you ever go through the “mullet” stage with it? If so, what did you do? Right now my 1 year old daughter is rockin a mullet and I’m torn between continuing to let it grow and hoping the front will catch up OR trimming the back mullet part off 🙂
    thanks for sharing your photos.

  27. It looks like y’all had such a wonderful time together! Happy New Year!!!

  28. Erika, The Fisher Price doll house! We have the same one. Watch out for the pillars on the ground floor – one of ours cracked in 1/2 a while back, but it still holds up the 2nd floor. I love seeing the photos of you and your sister – you seem so close, (and know that you are twins! but still, so nice to feel that twin-bond in your photos). I have triplet girls (4 years old) and would someday love to pick your brain about your relationship with your sister and growing up as twins. My girls are each completely different with different personalities. They are fraternal. You and your sister look identical (?). So I wonder if they’ll be as close because right now they fight like cats and dogs! Your parents’ farm looks soo amazing and inviting. Enjoy your time with your family.

  29. FINALLY! some DADDY BOY pictures…he has many fans i am sure of it! hope you got lots of R AND R and are back at work refreshed and ready to hit 2012..cant wait to see what you and your team!

  30. Those are some of the most adorable Christmas pictures ever!! Seriously! I wanna celebrate Christmas on a snowy farm in Illinois now 🙂 And that Sloane looks just like a little doll baby!!

  31. Oh, and I didn’t know you had such an artist for a husband 🙂

  32. Linda in AZ says

    *** I’ve never been here before, but the MAGNIFICENT, WARM & LOVING (and truly BEAUTIFULLY TAKEN!) photos you just shared stirred my heart… what a beauuuutiful family~~~ ALL of you! ~~~ and it’s obvious here that “IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE” for you and all those you hold dear!!!

    Thank you for sharing~~~ it was fun!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  33. Wonderful pics of the whole family! What beautiful people. Merry Christmas!

  34. What wonderful memories.

  35. My word, what a beautiful time together. I read Darby’s blog too and always LOVE to see pictures of Daddy Boy and the farm! Happy New Year!

  36. Ha ha…that comment sounded WEIRD…It’s not that i love pictures of Daddy Boy…. But your mom and dad and the farm….and well, you know. I just need to hush.:)

  37. These photos are precious! What a special time.

  38. Gorgeous pictures! You have inspired me. I need to start taking more pictures:)

  39. Awesome pics! I always love looking at all of them.

  40. Beautiful!!

  41. What a beautiful way to spend the holidays. I love Sloan’s cream sweater! I have struggled finding sweaters for my two year old this year, where did you get it?

  42. the time at your parents looked amazing! never too many photos. i’m the exact same way! the kids look darling! happy new year!

    ashley over @

  43. Wow what a gorgeous family. You all look so happy! I just found your blog and am happy I did. Happy New Year to you and your family!


  44. Our birthday twins got the same thing for Christmas!! Abby LOVES it!! The Daddy doll is often on the couch “watching princesses”. I’m not sure what to make of that, ha!

  45. jean anne collier says

    loved the pictures….crazy question…what is your lipstick color? jean anne collier

  46. Such beautiful pictures 🙂 I miss Darby’s blog 🙁 waaaa

  47. Such beautiful pictures! Sloane is such a sweetie!

  48. Love all the pictures…thanks for sharing!…I love your plaid shirt as well…where did you get it?…I am on the hunt for one but having very little success.

  49. Tara McClendon says

    LOVED the pictures, E! It’s always good to see your pretty face…maybe in person soon?! Love you!

  50. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family 🙂

  51. Beautiful photos and family!
    I love your parents’ leather couch. Is it possible to get the brand name? Thanks!

  52. Y’all are so lucky you had snow! We were in Michigan and it didn’t snow until we left. Gorgeous, fun, happy, beautiful photos!

  53. oh my i think i am slightly obsessed (in a non-stalker way!!) with your beautiful family! i swear, you should all be in a magazine 🙂 perfect and lovely pictures!!

  54. Hi there, I really enjoyed viewing your wonderful photos, Erica. You have a lovely family. I also have to comment on the adorable sweater coat (cream/white) that your daughter is wearing. May I ask where you purchased it? It’s beautiful.


  55. Your pictures are so sweet- you can absolutely tell how wonderful your holiday was and I know you will treasure them always! I am also SO impressed by the picture quality of them all. I know you obviously have a great eye for catching details but do you mind sharing what type of camera you’re using?…

  56. What a wonderful Christmas! Hey, you showed up in my new Coastal Living! I love it! Great photo and question/answer.

  57. beautiful pictures! umm – who is the guy in the blue button down?! and is he single?? ha!

  58. These pictures are so great! You cannot beat Christmas with some snow. You are so lucky to have your parents being young grandparents and able to enjoy their grandchildren! My sisters and I think your parents are adorable.

  59. I love all of your posts but the visits to your Mom and Daddyboy’s farm are my favorites. Thanks for posting.

  60. The harmony of colors, feelings, natural colors, natural, I have my house decorated with your ideas I think are wonderful and charming with you needed help I got it.

  61. Gorgeous photos!!! Looks like such a fun Christmas spent with family!! My husband has that same exact little wood burning stove that’s in one of your pictures and he loves it! The kids are precious!

  62. Great pictures! Looks like a fun, relaxing time. I was thinking, is Sloane in a big girl bed now? If so, what did you do for bedding? Would love to see!

  63. Can you show us more pic of the camp house? What a great idea! Does your Mom blog?

  64. i just love following your blog. love the pictures and the farm. merry christmas. happy new year to urban grace!

  65. Love!
    Thanks for sharing!

  66. Amy Collins says

    Love your pictures! Can you tell me what kind of camera/lens you used for all of these! We have a Cannon Rebel T2i, but are shopping for a new lens…any suggestions?

  67. Looked like such a lovely holiday with your family!

  68. Wow! Amazing photography! I’ll need to get a camera like that for my wife – what kind do you use?

  69. Tracy Lemmons says

    Great Xmas pics!

    Just wanted to tell you how excited I was when I opened my coastal living mag this month and saw you! Congrats! I’m a big fan and am always excited for you when you are recognized for your awesome talent! Keep up the good work!

  70. Please tell us what brand Sloane’s side zip tan boots are! And although we can only see the top, your brown boots look nice too. What are they? Thanks!

  71. Your pictures are fantastic!!

  72. These pics are amazing! Thanks for sharing. So glad you had a wonderful christmas and hope 2012 is full of blessings and happiness for you and your family. Haven’t been to your blog or Darby’s in a while, and I’m so glad I stopped by. Precious pictures! 🙂

  73. How is it that you got snow and we didn’t? We were in Southern Illinois also… seems everyone ELSE got snow. *pouts*

  74. It was so great to have the whole fam together this year! Went way too fast:( Miss you and SB! xo

  75. Jenny (Ames) Power says

    Hello Erika!
    I am not sure if you remember me but I am a fellow Chi O from Auburn just a few years older than you and Darby. I was reading my Coastal Living magazine (relishing and envying all the people who had beach houses) and saw your design column! I was so shocked and excited to see what you have accomplished. I, of course, had to jump on the web and see your design site and stumbled upon your family pics as well. I just wanted to say “congrats” on what you have accomplished and your little girl is PRECIOUS! I hope you are well and hope to catch you in Auburn or down in Santa Rosa sometime.
    Jenny Ames Power

  76. Thrilled to see your feature in the recent Coastal Living publication!

  77. Cute pics, where in the world did you find those yellow leggings that Sloane is wearing, my daughter needs those, we have that same striped top and sweater!

  78. Very good image quality and very good website to me liked the presentation of the website images on all dog besandoa the girl was very good picture so follow

  79. Do tell where you got those adorable boots you’re wearing in the photo with your dad! They’re fantastic.

  80. Hi there! I read this post in my reader first and then was catching up on my favorites list tonight while my husband is traveling. We live in southern Illinois! I cannot believe I missed this the first time I read! We live in Williamson county. My family and husband’s family both own businesses here. I think our parents would be great friends! Love following along with your blog!

  81. Beautiful pictures! Makes me long to live in the country instead of in town!

  82. Courtney Townsend says

    I see Erin in these pictures! We met while she and George were at Ft. Lewis; our husbands were in the same unit and I haven’t seen her in 5 years! She is the reason I follow you…such a proud cousin.

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