summer memories

The Seaside Yard Sale was a great success and we sure appreciated everyone who came out to support us!  Loved meeting lots of blog readers and selling off fabric I’ve been hoarding for years.  It did my heart good to know it was going to good homes.  Everything that didn’t sell we’re rounding up for an online yard sale… coming soon!

Summer came and went all too fast.  I want to post a few memories before they evaporate.  The summer started with two wonderful interns joining us at Urban Grace, Kendall and Anne Scott.  Anne Scott has been around the past two summers, but this year we knew we’d need an extra set of hands, so we hired Kendall too.  They were a dynamic duo.  We’d line them up on Monday mornings with some crazy project we hoped they could accomplish that week and Kendall would start dancing… and Anne Scott would laugh and then they would hit the ground running, no matter how odd the requests.  Their excitement about design (and all the not-so-glamorous stuff that comes along with it) was refreshing. What a joy these two girls are.

summer 2012 010

Kendall closed out her internship with a wedding… her own.  And we decided we couldn’t live without Anne Scott so she’s the newest member of our design team.  You’ll see her pretty face and bio on the website soon.  We miss you Kendall, but we know we’ll see you again real soon.


When I wasn’t working I was soaking up every ounce of my little Sloaney B.  Now forgive me while I cram four months worth of photos into the remainder of this blog post.

summer 2012 282

summer 2012 303


Our cousins visited for Sloane’s 3rd Birthday!
sloane's 3rd  birthday 179

sloane's 3rd  birthday 137c

sloane's 3rd  birthday 081
sloane's 3rd  birthday 028

sloane's 3rd  birthday 052

{I ordered the letters for Sloane’s cake from Signe Sugar… and smoothed the butter cream frosting with a paper towel, to make it look like fondant.  I think it turned out pretty darn cute, if I might say so myself.  Thank you, Pinterest. }

My summer garden was alive and well up until a few weeks ago, picked my last few tomatoes and then pulled the plants from the beds.  The hummingbirds have come and gone too.  I moved my feeder this year so I could see it from my kitchen window.

hummingbird lizard


summer 2012 076 copy

summer 2012 004

summer 2012 the hill etc 321

summer 2012 the hill etc 165

CC summer 2012 the hill etc 018
SUMMER 2012 (first day of school) 065

summer 2012 049

summer 2012 032


Be back soon with some photos of the Coastal Living idea house, our fall wishlists, and an online yard sale!  Happy Fall!


  1. love sloane’s cake! great job!

  2. Such great pics! I LOVE the one of you two in the grass! Very excited about the online fabric sale!!! EEEEEEEE!!!

  3. Only going to say this once because it probably won’t happen again for a long time… HOTTY TODDY!!!!! We went to the game for my birthday and had a blast. See you around the hood. All of those pics are awesome. I especially love the one of Chance on his boat.

  4. I am a long time follower from the west coast. I absolutely adore your design, your style and dreamy life! Can I ask, what camera and lens you use? Your photography is amazing too!

  5. Love your posts! A happy, well-lived life you have. You all are the cutest. The picture of your husband and the dogs on the boat must make your heart sing. Have a great day!

  6. hi! so sorry to ask this – but that yellow dress.. it’s amazing, and i would love to know where to find it? i love your pics, and love that you welcome us into your life with your blog, and instagram! <3

  7. Love all the pics, especially the one of Sloane with her Daddy in her gingham shirt.
    Have a great Fall!

  8. I think any one of these images could win a Parade magazine photo contest. That was-ki-ly wabbit wants to see the inside of your great looking green house.

  9. erika!!!
    gosh i love your photographs….you should moonlight as a pro photographer 😉
    i was reading in my reader until that image of you and little missy …her in the smocked dress & you in that MOST FAB dress/tunic came up and i said.lord have mercy. total cuteness and pulled it up on the big screen!!
    love all these images.
    would you please stop posting quarterly. your fans need more! 😉

  10. Luv viewing your blog! Sloane is a cutey!!

  11. Always a welcome sight to see a new post! Welcome Anne Scott ! I have been following your fab style for a long while on Pinterest. You are a perfect addition to the talented Urban Grace team! War Eagle:)))

  12. What type of camera do you use?

  13. Oh, Erika, how do you ever say no to her? Or him either, for that matter.

  14. Looking gorg Anne Scott!

  15. Y’all are the cutest!!!

  16. Precious pics!!! Miss and love you! Give SB a kiss from Cousie!!

  17. Well, your posts are like Christmas morning to me… I get SO excited to see one and cannot wait for what’s to come. Sloane’s party was so sweet, that cake is darling. She’s such a little beauty. What a blessed little girl she is!

  18. Abby Maddox says

    Just a great all-around post! I loved it! Especially that face shot of your baloney sandwich with the wind tossing her hair. Just precious!!! I’ll tell you what else this summer brought-Hendrix gin, simply grapefruit, prosecco, and a generous portion of SPANKED basil. It rocked my summer

  19. beautiful photos! and sweet sloaney bee. 🙂 just can’t get enough! i’m eagerly awaiting the online yard sale too….

  20. Just watched the cake tutorial and will be giving that a try asap! Yes please …where is the fabulous yellow dress from???
    I ordered the grey dress you posted from Willow last year and love it-

  21. I am so glad that Anne Scott is a permenant member of your team! Congratulations! I can;t wait to see more about your online yardsale!!!

  22. these pictures are precious! what a special way to capture those summer memories!

  23. Love to see a new post on Urban Grace! I must know where your yellow dress is from. Obsessed….

  24. Well, you flat MADE. MY. DAY. I was so happy to see a post from you! Thanks for sharing with us a glimpse of your life and your beautiful family. I dream of having you decorate my house. Your style is right up my alley. Keep on posting. Love it!! And I can’t wait for the online sale!

  25. I can’t get over how much each of the kids have grown!! They are so beautiful as always! Happy Belated Birthday to Sloane! Love the pictures of you and Sloane-just gorgeous! Of course, being the wife of a veterinarian and fellow dog lover-I LOVE the picture of the dogs on the boat with your husband 🙂 precious! So great to get an update-thank you for sharing!! Blessings! 🙂

  26. So happy to see you back in action! I can’t believe how big little Sloaney B. is! She’s too precious! And, of course, I love your yellow/green dress. Where is it from?

    Look forward to some more updates! Miss you and your sis’ updates!

  27. So happy that you are posting again! Those photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  28. Oh good….more pics of the CL House….I have to say this again….I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it. I’m still trying to win the Lotto so I can buy spot at Cape San Blas and so that you can come design it for me…..(fingers crossed)…..

  29. Summer went by too quick. Love the photos, especially the one of Sloane in the gingham shirt with her dad. She looks like such a joy!

  30. Such great pictures Erika! Your Sloane is so precious! And the lizard and the hummingbird?! Amazing. Good times!

  31. Wonderful pictures . . . please remind us, what type of camera/lens do you use?

  32. Love all the pics so much!! Will you share with us where you found the wonderful yellow dress??
    Many thanks!

  33. love. love. love. the pics! the picture of Miss S showing of her “pet” bunny is sooooo cute! I must ask – where is that dress from!? it’s the cutest!

  34. … because I am sure you never grow tired of being asked where your things come from, BUT I was looking back at old posts and I am LOVING that yellow summery dress you have on when holding Sloane. Mind sharing where you found it? Love your style.