Hello faithful blog readers.  I was on a roll blogging with the posts about the Coastal Living house and then I got distracted.  Traveling and working a whole lot lately, so I’ve been trying to spend every second of precious free time with my little family.  A few weeks ago Marla took our pictures, it had been a year since our last session with her so I was excited about capturing memories of Sloane at this precious age (she’s three now, how time flies).  Marla lives down the street, which is also down the bayou, so we hopped on the boat, picked her up on her dock and headed to what we like to call “The Hill”…. a deep cut created by the Intracoastal Waterway that is not only breathtaking, but also lots of fun for Sloane who likes to climb, dig and get dirty.   I thought I’d share a handful of my favorites from our session…












Hate to presume that anyone will ask, but someone usually does…  Sloane’s little sweater came from Children’s Place, I ran in for socks and came out with that sweater, oops.  Her aqua jeans are Old Navy.  My top is from my friends at Willow + Woods, they have an online store now (Wear Willow), which is fantastic.  The top is Lauren Moffatt, not sure if it’s still available on their website, but perhaps you could call and order it 850-231-0248.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, we have much to be thankful for this year.


  1. Lovely photos of your family! Sloane looks like such a big girl now. Love the nail polish on baby girl toes.

  2. These pictures are absolutely precious!

  3. such pretty photos as always! may I ask what size you got in that top or how it runs? am debating between an XS & S. thanks!

  4. Beautiful 🙂

  5. Alex, I think mine is XS, fit like my usual XS tops. 🙂

  6. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family!!

  7. Gorgeous family! Ya’ll live in paradise!

  8. So happy to see your little family. And that Sloaney girl sure is growing up “good” as they say in my old neck of the woods. She and my elder granddaughter are not too far apart in age. While we have missed you, I applaud you for devoting your free time to your family. Always a good choice, albeit sometimes a difficult one. There is so much with which we can fritter our lives away, but it is important in the midst of everything to make time for yourself even as you love on your family. Just remember that “you” time is not a waste of time or unimportant. It is an investment in the well-being and health of your whole family, not just you. I know. A tired working momma is pretty much par for the course, but there are those bright shining moments that carry us through, do they not?! Looks like you captured some of them on camera.
    Blessings to you and those you love, and Happy Thanksgiving.
    P.S. You are finishing up my niece’s lovely bathroom remodel in DFS! I caught a glimpse last week when I was home to visit my momma and sisters! Great job with a tough space!

  9. TOO CUTE!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  10. Love y’all! Hope we’re still on for lunch when we head your way for Christmas…. Happy Thanksgiving! XXOO

  11. Love the pics and I love all the bright colors. Something most people would shy from because of fear. I think it looks amazing. And the (not over whelming flowery) backdrop might add to that! Perfect!!

  12. Love the last portrait of Sloane with the strands of hair falling across her face. Adorable little girl, she looks so much like her mom.

  13. beautiful pictures! brights are so fun. Happy Thanksgiving:)

  14. Sloane is precious. What great pics! Hope to meet you some time that you are in Memphis visiting Auburn friends or working on someone’s house!

  15. Absolutely stunning!! The lighting and colors are perfect! Sloane is growing-her face is changing to look more like a little girl and less like a toddler-bittersweet! Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving with your family in IL!!

  16. LOve Love Love these pictures, but brings tears to my eyes here at my desk that I can not be around all of you more. Times goes so fast Wade will be 27 TOMORROW . i CAN’T BELIEVE IT. hAVE FUN IN ILL. Wish i could be there.. Love you K.Bird

  17. Your family pics are soooo gorgeous!!! Have a wonderful thanksgiving with your family 🙂

  18. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! Blessings on y’all at Thanksgiving.

  19. Candace Bertalan Horner says

    Precious photos, beautiful Sloane and beautiful family. Thank you for sharing these moments, so special. Missed you the past months but know how busy you have been!!! We too are thankful, rough year financially and economically, but we have our home, our health and our family. Very grateful. Happy Holidays to you and yours!!! That Sloaney, oh boy, what a doll!!

  20. Beautiful (of course)!!!! Love you dearly!

  21. These pictures are absolutely adorable! You have such a beautiful family! Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving 🙂

  22. So cute!! SB is getting so big! I’m so excited to see everyone Thursday! Love you!!

  23. These are so freakin’ good!!!

  24. Love your outfit!

  25. Marla is the best! Love all of these.

  26. Your instagram photos are like the word Jumble to me. I love the hidden clues in your pix. Did I say hidden –okay subtle hints as to your whereabouts. It is like a treasure hunt. I noticed the name on the plate of the fried pickles just google the name and I find the eatery and learn something new each day. Do you do this on purpose –is it a plug for the place?? now those block letters for Corfu had me stumped for a while. Where in the world is Urban Grace? As a fan these puzzlers are fun. I got hooked with the Camila cafe image tracked it down and asked my husband if we had seen that place– did find the bookstore Over the transom ( on our visit) a landmark of sorts in that funky little town. That was a year or so ago we visited Fairhope such a sweet town.

  27. Such a precious family & precious pictures! Love all the colors!

  28. Beautiful family photos – but I’ve never seen a bad family photo of you guys – I wish our photos turned out that good. Sloane is so photogenic! You always look gorgeous and Marla is so great at what she does. Thanks for sharing with us! Happy Thanksgiving.

  29. Lovely photos! Beautiful family shot! AND HOW NICE must it be to live somewhere, where you can “just hop” on a boad 🙂 Greetings from cold and windy Cologne.

  30. I’m a new follower, and these photos are beautiful!

  31. erika these are such great captures and the colors are just fantastic! {no surprise ;)}
    i love her little profile!! oh my!!
    happy thanksgiving with all the fam on the farm!!

  32. She looks just like you! What an adorable family 🙂

  33. IN LOVE! Beautiful pictures like this are such a blessing. Love the back drop too. Can’t wait to shop Willow on line. Thank you for sharing these lovely moments!

  34. Ashley Gaskin says

    Beautiful family! I love all the pics! Just stunning.

  35. Erika, these are such beautiful pictures! You are all so photogenic, and Sloane is such a beauty, taking right after her mama 🙂 I also wanted to use this opportunity to let you know that I am quite looking forward to the Urban Grace Holiday Gift Guide 🙂

  36. She is very beautiful!

  37. love these! i love the combo of candid and portrait. she did a great job – and you guys look great! merry christmas!

  38. beautiful family…must be your Christmas/holiday card photo!?

  39. What a beautiful family! These photos definitely do it justice. The colors are crisp and stunning. I was looking through some of your archives and fell in LOVE! 🙂

  40. I love stumbling upon blogs from my area! Were over near destin! 🙂 LOVE your top! I wish they still had it!

  41. Tara Faulkner says

    I just saw the news!!! Congratulations!! Sloaney will be a great big sis too!!!

  42. Just lovely!

  43. Congrats on the baby girl news!

  44. Great pictures!

    What I really want to know is where Hunky Hubby’s clothes are from 😉

  45. These photos are amazing. The photographer really captured some beautiful moments in the facial expressions!