how’s your baby?

My dad called yesterday, “how’s my baby?”, he asked.  I knew he was talking about Sloane.  She’s great, I replied.  Then he asked, “how’s your baby?”, I knew this time he was talking about the baby in my belly.  She’s great, I replied.  (I’ve not announced that I’m pregnant, but if you follow me on instagram, you already know.  We’re having another little girl, due in May.  So very excited.)  Then dad said, “how’s your other baby?”… and I knew exactly who he was talking about, my furry rabbit friend, Smokey.  I know I’ve talked about him before, but I’m not sure if I shared these photos from summer with our Smokesters.  In case y’all forgot… he’s a tame rabbit who was a neighbor’s pet, but they let him loose and now he roams the neighborhood.  He likes to come by my house for bunny treats.

sloane's 3rd  birthday 081

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 147

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 136

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 123

And when he pulls this little number (below) it takes everything within me not to scoop him up and kiss his furry little face.  He won’t let me hold him, but he does let me scratch his double chin.

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 084

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 083

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 055

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 043

It cracks me up that Sloane is going to grow up thinking that a tame rabbit visitor is normal.  I am contemplating writing a children’s book about Smokey, we’ll see.  He’s pretty magical.


  1. Oh.My.Goodness. This post is full of cuteness overload. I’m getting my boys a bunny stat!!!

    Seriously, I came back to your blog for garden inspiration (I’m the one who asked for your raised beds details on Instagram! Thank you so very much!) and was pleasantly surprised to see a post! I agree, its pretty magical that you have a bunny friend. And I am on the Smokey Series bandwagon. Children’s books could be your next calling. 🙂


    Slane is beautiful. Love the bunny. Such a petsonality.

    Tell Darcy we miss her.

  3. oh my gosh stop
    a book?brilliant!!
    and i love seeing him in all his dslr glory. i mean i love IG but these are precious

  4. That would be Sloane… And, personality, though “petsonality” fits also.

    Love the iPad. Hate the one-finger typing and quick-draw posting.

  5. That is absolutely precious of your dad! SO sweet! I grew up having many pet bunnies, so I love seeing little ones that get to interact with more untypical pets. The pictures are fabulous!! What wonderful memories Sloane will have!

  6. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I also love how your dad asked about the “babies.” That’s adorable.

    I totally wish I had a tame rabbit visitor!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!! Another little precious girl – how sweet! Oh, do write a book about Smokey. Maybe in the book he is self-conscious about his (adorable) double chin. 😉

  8. Oh my goodness – I just LOVE Smokey! I want him!

    I’m fortunate to have a rather “wild” garden that most of the neighbourhood critters (tame and wild) come to visit. I saw a hummingbird this morning! In the middle of winter. I’m so lucky!

  9. Congratulations on your expanding family! What exciting news for your precious family.

    Your pictures are beautiful, do you mind sharing what lens(es) you used for these? I know you have posted about this in years past, but wondering if you’ve upgraded and can recommend any new must have lenses:)

  10. Congratulations!! I follow you on Pinterest and noticed you were pinning baby type things. The bunny is gorgeous!

  11. CONGRATS! A miracle from God – that bun in your oven.
    You are a blessed woman!

  12. Janis Stufflebean says

    So excited to know you are expecting a baby girl@@

  13. Congrats!

    Bunnies also like apples cut up into pieces. Who knew?

  14. Congrats!!! That is fantastic news about the baby! What a sweet children’s book that would be….all little ones should get to experience magical things like that!

  15. YAY!!! Another pretty little lady like Sloaney! What’s your username on Instagram?

  16. Love seeing pics of Sloane with Smokey. She’s just DARLING! Your posts always make me smile!

  17. Congrats!! Love the bunny…. I hope if I have children they have something special like this to treasure in their childhood. P.S. love the name Sloane for a girl, I’ve always wanted to name a girl that and then I married into the name Sloan! 🙂

  18. Kara Hebert says

    You should TOTALLY write a children’s book about the Smokester!!! It would be a smashing it, E.

  19. Congrats on the new baby! You make me miss having rabbits even more, my baby (rabbit) Brady passed away last spring. Have a Smokey would be amazing.

  20. erika, you should totally write and illustrate a children’s book about smokey! i would buy it!

  21. (Officially) Congratulations on the new baby girl who will be joining your family soon! I follow your ig feed and saw it there. I think it’s pretty wonderful that Sloane thinks the bunny is totally normal. She’ll ask kids when she’s older, “You mean you didn’t have a neighborhood bunny!?!” like they are the ones who were deprived as children 🙂

  22. Congrats on the good news! Such cute photos of the bunny. FYI if I click on your instagram button, it just goes to the homepage. Is your handle your blog name?

  23. You so need to write a book about Smokey! I love and miss you and your three babies;) xoxo

  24. Love the bunny! Maybe Darby should put Smokey on a Honeybee tee!

  25. Wow! Congratulations! I hope you’re feeling well.
    I can’t really begin to explain how jealous I am of your bunny rabbit. Have you ever seen a giant flemish rabbit? Google it at your earliest convenience! I tell my husband that when our youngest goes to college, I will obviously need a giant pet rabbit to ease my pain.

  26. Wow Sloane and JM are getting so big, I miss your sister’s blog SO much but I’m sure she’s very busy with the 3! Happy New Year!

  27. A sister for Sloaney! What a wonderful gift you are giving your daughter! I have always believed that giving our children a sibling teaches them more about life and love than anything else. And once your daughter gets over the early adjustment (when baby arrives) and the later adjustment (tween and teen years), you will be able to share in the lifelong joy of raising a pair of sisters…just like your momma before you! So happy for you all! And yes, do write and illustrate a beach bunny story…we need a little more joy in this world!

  28. I have to admit I love the pictures of Smokey, but they also make me wonder if you all could get rabies from Smokey? Random thought. She and Sloane are so cute. I’d totally buy a Smokey book written and illustrated by you! Great idea, you know, in your spare time….

  29. oh my, oh my, these pictures are too much! i teared up looking at them. {i’m not pregnant either} the one with his head in his little front paws, I die. it’s too much, just too, too much. i want a smokey. really. really. bad. xo

  30. and ps. i’d totally buy a smokey honey bee t. maybe even in an adult size. haha! excellent idea elizabeth! 🙂

  31. she’s adorable, he’s adorable and congratulations……I know the little she will be adorble too!

  32. are you kidding? these pictures are unreal. !! He’s so embarrassed of his goiter. Now I feel bad

  33. Oh yeah- and great way to distract from announcing you’re pregnant- just dump a bunch of smokey pictures!!!!
    SO excited about the newest baby girl!!

  34. Erika! I am so incredibly excited for you, Sloane, Chance, and your entire extended family! So glad Darby’s kids are going to have another cousin, I have to say. You girls make the cutest babies! Thanks so much for sharing your news with us. 🙂 Happy new year!

  35. Have loved and bookmarked many of your pics! Currently working on finding a lake house with “good bones” that our children and future grandchildren can enjoy! Your bunk rooms are definitely an inspiration.

    I definitely think you should write a children’s book – a neighborhood bunny is precious!

    Best of luck to you and your growing family!

  36. Oh my goodness Erika, Sloane and that bunny make such a cute pair. I’d like to scoop both of them up! What’s next to show up on your porch? A cute baby brown bear.
    So excited Sloane will have a sister. Congratulations. You must write a children’s book.
    Thanks for everything you are doing for us in Florida. What would we do without you and your team? I would
    be up western lake without a paddle and headed straight to the GULF! ha
    take care and we are so happy for you.

  37. as cute as that rabbit is… I just watched a video of a trained rabbit and well this svelte bunny jumped through hoops and responded to voice commands and was rewarded I might add but .. who knows maybe the rabbit did not enjoy these activities but as a smart animal a rabbit mind is a terrible thing to waste LOL

  38. Congratulations!!!! We had two girls first and then our boy and our girls are seriously BEST friends at 4 and 3. Sloane is going to love it! And I want a pet rabbit now…write that book!!!

  39. Congratulations to your family. Wonderful news! Also curious about camera lenses. I use mainly my kit lens in manual or a 50mm fixed lens but have no solution for indoor low natural light photography. Maybe Marla can chime in! Get on that book. My mom writes children’s books so let me know if you have any questions!

  40. SUCH wondreful news!! and the bunny is too precous- love the book idea! That bunny must be getting treats from everyone on your blcok!- never have a seen a bunny wth double chins before:)

  41. congratulations on the new baby! i’d love to follow you on IG…what’s your username?

  42. Congratulations on your newest addition! Cant wait to see belly pics,please!!! You have a beautiful family!

    Sorry to break the news, but Smokey is a GIRL, that fat under the chin is what she would use for nutrients and the fur she would pull out to fluff her nest. I just found that out from a friend who had a bunny.

    So congrats on alllll your girls!!!!

  43. Oh my goodness, I want a Smokey! The picture with his hands in his face is priceless.

  44. Love following you on IG! Congrats on little girl number 2. Sounds like we are due about 6 weeks apart… #3 is on the way in the Chamblee household! Craziness.

  45. Congratulations Erika!! So exciting that Sloane will have a sister. Love these photos. So envious of your neighborhood bunny! What a character Smokey is – does he (she?) ever come up on your porch steps or does he just hang out front? Hope you are well!

  46. many congrats to you! And seriously, how cute is Smokey?! I am dying at the pic with his paws over his face…the cutest!

  47. You have the company of a braveheart bunny— My daughter wanted/was given a rabbit and well Coconut lived seven years . he had the run of the back porch and the house board and battens. Coconut is no longer with us. I cried when I was told – crazy work schedule hours not in sync with the rest of the house– I would have liked to have been involved in the ceremony -for lack of a better way of putting it– anyway Rescue Rabbit organizations exist in many cities. those posters interested should contact the local national web site and learn about the joys- the ups and downs of owning a Wabbit!!

  48. Congratulations!!! I was so excited to read your news. Which is hilarious considering that I do not know you, except through your blog! It’s been delightful to observe Sloane growing up, I’m sure that will continue with the new baby. I won’t be having any more babies myself (I have three kiddos), but now all of a sudden I want a bunny rabbit! Wonderful pictures, as always.

  49. Maybe, but that CAMERA IS DEFINitely magical

  50. I love the pictures you share of Smokey. It is such a simple pleasure in life that you and your daughter are able to share together. Hopefully your new daughter will have the pleasure of meeting him too!

  51. Definitely — write a book. You’re photos are very inspiring!

  52. So cute! And many congratulations on baby #2. How exciting that Sloaney-B will have a little sis. Nothing more special than a sisterly bond, which I’m sure you would agree!

  53. OMG Congrats, I just re-read your post, silly me, so excited for you all!

  54. I absolutely LOVED reading that converstion with your dad. Stuff like that just melts my heart since my dad passed away years ago. But a HUGE congrats on another little one ~ sisters are the best!. 😉

  55. Liz In Scotland says

    Ahhh!! Congratulations!! We have 2 little girls too-it’s the best 😀 That is one cute Sloaney, and one cute bunny too! PS-Thank you for the beautiful xmas card!

  56. Congratulations! I’m so excited for your new little one. Sloane is just so adorably cute. We have a pet bunny too, they’re full of personality.
    Keep us updated.

  57. Smokey definitely makes me want a bunny! Are there any dogs or other animals in the neighborhood? I would love to get a bunny for my kids, but worry my dog would attack it…yikes! We got one for Easter as kids, but I seriously think my dad let it go because he didn’t want to deal with it 🙁 Do you give shots to bunnies? So curious as to how one takes care of a bunny?!

    Congratulations on your baby news! Sloane is precious and will be a darling big sis!

  58. Congrats on being pregnant! And, yep, Smokey is most likely a girl. That double chin is called a dewlap. Beautiful photos all around.

  59. Congrats on the sweet baby girl coming soon!!!! So, so happy for you guys!

    And how is it that I’m not following you on Instagram?! Must remedy that immediately.

  60. Oh my!!!! Could that rabbit be any cuter!? The second to last pic is just priceless!!! love it.

    Congrats on the amazing news! Happy New Year! what a way to start off. Best wishes to you and your family!!

  61. Robin Grey says

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to see the details on the new nursery!
    btw – double chin on the bunny = girl rabbit
    former fellow bunny owner here, raises hand! ;0)

  62. Annie Vincent says

    Congrats on another little one! How fun they will be close in age sisters. I love bunnies!! We had a lot growing up, such loving creatures!

  63. You so need to write that children’s book. Smokey is magic! Are you kidding me with that shot of him with his face in his paws???

  64. This is the cutest post ever for oh so many reasons. Congratulations.. may your pregnancy be effortless and your delivery delightful. How wonderful to have “sisters:” Sending good thoughts to you and your extended family. Can’t believe you have your own personal bunny.. in floriday no less!!

  65. adorable pics…wow!

  66. Elizabeth L says

    These pics are adorable! And, congrats on baby #2. Also wanted to tell you that I got both my Southern Living and BHG today and saw you in BOTH! Congrats 🙂 Well done! I love seeing those with Godlly hearts be blessed.

  67. So glad to have stumbled across your beautiful blog!
    Congrats on baby #2, and as for your bunny baby… I know exactly what you mean! I have a rabbit named Lionel (a Lionhead breed), and he steals my heart every day. Here he is on instagram;
    Again, happy to have found you… wishing you lots of fun with all of your babies!

  68. I cant find the words to describe how cute are they and the rabbit. Congrats to you I know in May I will see another cute baby girl in your blog! Keep us updated 🙂

  69. Your photography continues to be AMAZING and with your little girl and a bunny as the subjects it does not get cuter!! I have a wild rabbit that comes around my apartment for carrot pieces but would never let me get too close at this point! Congrats on baby #2!

  70. Hey that B$B looks like the Vera Bradley site. was she ever an inspiration for you E.?

  71. Well, now I officially want a bunny pet. I showed the husband your photos but somehow, he wasn’t convinced. *Sigh.*

    Congratulations on Baby 2!

  72. Congratulations on Baby #2! Love all the photos. Great to see your sister’s children with your daughter. How is Darby? I miss her reading her blog.

  73. Should a bathroom for children have a faucet with a feature that turns off / dispenses water– similar to the annoying restrooms in department stores used by adults but then perhaps sabotaged by angry customers thereby justifying said faucet with the water conservation feature—.. ha just thinking out loud here — a feature to remind children not to let the faucet run when brushing their teeth?

  74. I love Rover’s face in that first picture. Oh Roover…please don’t grow any older! 😉 And, I love Sloan’s face in the last picture. 🙂 So excited for y’all! can’t wait to see pics of nursery and baby #2!

  75. How do I find you on instagram!?!?!?!!

  76. hi!
    As I fine art photographer I’m really drawn to your photos of smokey, you really captured her personality. As an animal lover I’m concerned for the bunnY’s health and well being. Is she really left to her own devices? Tame rabbits are pets, thier immune systems are equipped to be loose and on their own. they need regular vet care and can be easy poisoned by fertilizers, ect. also, the dullness of her fur speaks of lack of nutrient or some skin issue.
    I can tell you are a lovely person, and thank you for for blog. I just feel I would be remiss if I didn’t address smokey’s circumstances.
    Thank you,
    Mary Mans

  77. Ps. I had rabbits as pets, and have to say, it’s just as high maintenance as any dog or cat i ever had.
    Thanks again,

  78. Ohhhh a tame bunny! I forgot the whole neighbor-let-the-bunny-loose story and was thinking the Smokester was wild. It’s all still so magical! 🙂

  79. If the bub bun no longer presents– I do hope it has been adopted and well– has a safe warm loving home. not a dinner for Mr. Fox.

  80. I had to smile when i saw your post because we have a neighborhood cat and it’s name is smokey too. I love your pictures thank you for your work.

  81. A neighborhood cat — a loose neighborhood cat is no doubt responsible for a loss of song birds in the neighborhood. It is shocking the impact of a loose cat on the bird population—- studies have been done —there are two cats I see in my yard often– could it be the bird baths draw then in — am I enabling these cats? should I change my behavior or Why don’t the cat owners be cat owners and keep their cat inside and out of my yard!! oh my am I venting or what. Save the song birds declaw your cat (cat owners) keep them inside I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night hearing a cat on cat fight or a cat and raccoon fight or a cat and possum fight well I wear earplugs as it is but I wlould only find the fur that flew in the ensuing brew haha.

  82. Has the construction put the bunny off from visits?

  83. Missing your posts! Maybe some nursery pics, or Smokey updates, or SB pics, or some of your design projects. I’m not picky. Just love your blog!

  84. This post makes me very sad. I come to these sites for design inspiration but feel compelled to post about this poor rabbit. As an FYI, tame/domesticated rabbits should NEVER be released into the wild. This type of bunny was bred to be a pet and never learned how to use natural instincts for protecting itself and finding food/ shelter. Whomever let this bunny go should be recognized as irresponsible! While this might seem cute, this bunny is a sitting duck for predators ( fox, coyotes, hawks etc). I would compare this to putting a French poodle in a doghouse as an outdoor pet. Would that be cute and fun to write a story about?? I have a bunny ( as well as a dog and cat) as a house pet . They are smart, litter trainable and very sweet animals. If you can, I would suggest trapping it and taking it to a humane society or rabbit rescue. That is where we got ours after someone dumped him in a field. Sorry to be so wordy. I am really not a hardcore animal activist or anything! I am just saddened that so many people find this “cute” and can only assume that most don’t understand the consequences to this poor bunny.

  85. So excited for you!

  86. After reviewing the comments regarding feeding animals of the woods that venture into the urban landscape well, who feeds birds seed?, some throw peanuts to squirrels, tossing bread to the pond ducks, sharing french fries with the birds that hang around resturaunts I mean, fast- food joints, in retrospect my baking mistakes are served up on a paper plate placed in my backyard and magically dissapear overnight. Perhaps an oppossum or a raccoon had a midnight snack — certainly not a loose dog I hope, the odd deer we see ,I hardly think so, I guess my thought is; abandoned pets vs wildlife is a distinction, and a topic I hardly thought possible on a design blog. When I broil salmon purchased on sale at my corner Xanadau where shopping is a pleasure, I serve up the crispy fish skin to yes, a neighborhood cat , well, this has become a scary thing. Cats I have never seen before, prance by my window. I work an afternoon shift so I see the mid morning antics of the mammals . I might add this is not an everyday offering so I do notice the creatures of habit or those optimistic. If someone is camping one certainly does not leave food lying about. That is a big no no. Embolding wild animals by handouts does not bode well for the ecosystem.

  87. Congratulations! and the bunny pictures are so cute! I’ve just been bunny sitting for a friend and I want one!

  88. This photography is quite stunning; breathtaking. Well done Erika.

  89. So sweet. Awhile back the ladies you work with got you a painting/reproduction of one of your instagram photos of Sloane and the bunny. I’ve tried to find the info on where they got that done and I just can’t seem to find it. Can you post who or which company they used? A thousand thanks!

  90. miss your blog!! hope all is well.

  91. So glad to find your blog….Love, love it…

  92. Love how universally adorable bunnies are – it’s their finest adaptive quality.

  93. I just discovered your site, and congrats on your pregnancy. As an animal lover, I do have to weigh in on the bunny that was let loose by your neighbors. I agree completely with Christina above. It is not cute or fair for that rabbit to be roaming free. It was bred to be a pet and to be taken care of. It could be attacked by a dog or a wild animal, taken by an owl or hit by a car. If you do end up writing a book, please don’t include the fact that it was released by its owners, because that sets a really bad example. I’m shocked that anyone could let a dog, cat, rabbit or any other pet loose to fend for itself. I hope someone intervenes and the rabbit gets a good home. It’s a beautiful creature.

  94. I don´t know how I landed on your page, but it´s so nice! You story is wonderful! Congrats on your pregnancy!
    Wish you great time with your little miracle!

  95. The photography is gorgeous. Sloane is gorgeous. This is the first time I’ve visited your log. Bam! New reader. Congratulations on your pregnancy! … The bunny is a bonus for me lol.

  96. You are a brilliant designer and from what I can tell are a most fabulous Mom, sister, daughter, wife, and friend. But, as a blogger…….you suck! 🙂

    I’m trying to be funny here, but in all seriousness, we hope to see more inspiration from Urban Grace Interiors soon! 🙂

  97. I love this post. Very love girl and the rabbit. Nice job.

  98. You write the book, I’ll buy it ;). Your daughter is precious!

  99. Katharina says

    Just wishing you the best for the exiting upcoming days and a good start into life for your baby girl!

  100. AMAZING pics:) I really love your blog and your sence of style.

    If you want some European travel inspiration…check out my blog:)

    Have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria from

  101. Great children photos, and decorative rabbit was?

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