a big weekend

seaside 4

This Saturday Sloane decided to part with her pacifiers.  We have been talking about the baby cows of Papa’s that don’t have pacis and Sloane agreed it would be a good idea to give her pacifiers to his cows.  Papa stopped by on Saturday and that was all it took, she was ready and handed them over.  We went out for ice cream to celebrate then onto Seaside where we let her pick out a toy at the toy store.  Then we laid on her favorite “cozy blanket” on the green and enjoyed a quiet afternoon.   I honestly think I needed that quiet afternoon on a blanket more than she did.

big girl


sunset on cozy blanket

After being so brave my poor girl came down with a stomach bug on Saturday night and we woke up to a big mess Sunday morning.  I thought I was tough momma, but cleaning up vomit is not my strong suit.  Even though she felt puny on Sunday morning she was so excited to see the photos of Papa’s cows with her pacis.  😉

moo cows


After a lazy day inside we went out for a little boat ride.  The dragonflies are thick here in September and October and one happened to fly into my photograph.

boat ride

Yesterday afternoon I went solo to my niece’s 1st birthday party.  Poor Sloaney wasn’t well enough to go, which was such a shame because she would have loved it!

flowers and hats
happy reese
favors and hats
cake table 2
bandw vintage reese

Sweet little Reese got spooked when we all broke into the birthday song…

birthday song tears

If you’re wondering who my sweet niece looks like… she looks like her daddy, who looks like his momma (my mother-in-law)…
beba and reese


hat and cake

Happy 1st Birthday, Reese!!!




we celebrated

SB 2 bday invite

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c IMG_9702

c IMG_3049 copy

c IMG_9758

c IMG_9764

c IMG_3058

c IMG_3065

c IMG_9835

c IMG_3081

c IMG_3085

c IMG_3108

c IMG_3112

c IMG_3192 copy





Two years ago today, on 09-09-09, the Lord blessed us with Sloaney Bologna!  She looks like an eskimo in this picture and I love it!


A few days ago, in honor of Sloane’s second birthday, Marla took some pictures of our little family.  (Go ahead and open Marla’s website up, that song is beautiful.)










Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet girl!  Momma and Daddy love you and are so proud of you!!!